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Skinner and Osment is your premier destination for comprehensive vehicle care. When it comes to ensuring your car’s roadworthiness and safety, our MOT Class 4 service stands unparalleled. Designed for passenger cars, motor caravans, and smaller vans, our Class 4 MOT is a rigorous test that guarantees your vehicle meets the highest standards of safety and environmental performance. At Skinner and Osment, we don’t just conduct MOTs – we create an experience that leaves you confident in your vehicle’s performance. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and our highly skilled technicians bring years of expertise to every inspection. From brakes to exhaust systems, seatbelts to suspension, we thoroughly check every component to ensure your car is not only compliant but also in peak condition. Imagine driving away with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your car has passed one of the most thorough MOT inspections available. With Skinner and Osment, you’re not just passing a test – you’re investing in the longevity and reliability of your vehicle. Trust us to deliver an MOT Class 4 service that is as thorough as it is thrilling. Book your appointment today and experience the Skinner and Osment difference. Welcome to Skinner and Osment, where car servicing is not just a routine, but a journey towards unparalleled performance and reliability. Our passion for cars drives us to offer a service that transcends the ordinary, ensuring your vehicle remains at its peak.

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